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EntryPass Series is a result of extensive research and development which transpired into reliable and top quality devices like prided EntryPass Platform 1 and Serial Communicators, to Active Networks and Elevator & Hybrid Control Panels – All of which are being utilized by our existing list of clientele. Careful to maintain a non rigid approach, our clients are able to mix and match different products to satisfy their circumstances and settings, creating a personalized system – minus the trouble.

Entrypass Platform1 - One software to control them all

The Entrypass Platform1 is an Access Control System developed to enhance scalability. Designed as a client server-based Windows application, Platform 1 is powerful and  adaptable to today’s most demanding physical access control requirements.

The system is economical enough support a small implementation of a few doors, yet smart enough power to large scale, multi-locations that is made up of thousands of doors in an orderly distributed manner.

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EntryPass Active Network Technology

EntryPass Active Networks are designed to enhance highly customized and rapid ‘real-time’ changes to the underlying network operation. Brilliantly engineered with all the power you need to enable code-sending, minus unnecessary buffer time with its distributed architecture capable of processing access demand at the edge level without leveraging at the server end.

EntryPass system supports Serial Communication

EntryPass Serial Communicators enables transmission of information between computers or peripheral devices over the tradition yet still relevant serial communication.

Our range of Serial Communication devices varies from integrated controllers with built-in readers to advanced 4 readers control panel and even hybrid input/output control panels to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Entrypass Elevator System Add-On

EntryPass elevator control panels enable you to design floor-by-floor elevator access control, letting you customize access level for each card holder. It allows you to control accessibility from 8 floors to 136 floors.

What’s more, you can choose to utilize the EntryPass hybrid control panel that comes with both serial and active network communication interface to cater to any installation you already have, making integration easier for you.

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EntryPass Supports Biometric Systems

EntryPass is fully compatible with Suprema, world-leading biometric company offering fingerprint technologies for PC and embedded applications. Suprema’s solution features the integration of its excellent embedded system design capability award-winning algorithms. They backed by a number of experts having the rich experience and extensive knowledge in the field of biometric solutions, embedded system design and signal processing.

EntryPass Long Range Identification Module

EntryPass, integrates seamlessly with Nedap, a global leader in long range identification of vehicles and drivers. Nedap designs, develops and distributes solutions related to

  • Vehicle identification
  • Driver identification
  • Parking access
  • Vehicle detection
  • Vehicle gate management and
  • Hands-free building access.

EntryPass Card Access Control supports most protocols

EntryPass supports most of the major access card protocols like:

  • HID
  • EM Prox
  • MiFare

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