Founded in 1996, AVTECH is one of the world’s leading CCTV manufacturers. Continued successes over the decades have also ranked them as #1 public listed surveillance company in the Taiwan.

Through years of research and industry experience AVTECH have incorporated implementated innovative technologies in their products. This have made their products powerful, pragmatic, and easy to setup

AVTECH self-developed, proprietary mobile platform EagleEyes, is currently the world’s most downloaded surveillance app. It realizes full-functioned remote control and fulfills the market with growing demands of smart phones and tablets.


In 2010, Push Video, a revolutionary active notification system, was introduced on EagleEyes and has been applied to AVTECH’s full range products. Almost immediately, a video clip will be pushed to the mobile devices empowering the user as an active protector instead of a passive evidence provider.


In future, AVTECH will continue to combine the distribution experience of semiconductor component and the leading supplier advantages of security surveillance.

With these advantages, AVTECH insist its technology developing and keep promoting its digitalization, integration, and networking products. AVTECH will provide worldwide customers the best price, best function, and best service.